Frequently Asked Questions

What To Expect

First Application

The first application will be in February. Its Primary goal is to get the first round of pre-emergent into the soil. Weed control may or may not work at this time on the winter annual weeds. Heavy fertilization will be added for the early spring green up of the lawn.

Second Application

This application will provide your second and final round of pre-emergent. It will kill the majority of broadleaf weeds in the lawn.

Third Application

The third application should kill any remaining broadleaf weeds, while also weakening and beginning to kill more difficult weeds.

Fourth Application

This application will continue to kill hard to kill weeds. It will continue to kill broadleaf weeds that emerge between applications. This application will help the lawn recover from summer heat and drought stress.

Fifth Application

The fifth application will be a different blend of fertilizer to help lawn continue to recover, as well as a good green up before winter. If there are any weeds remaining they will receive a spot treatment.

Sixth Application

The sixth application helps with over wintering green up of the lawn while also promoting root development and seed germination.

What should I expect after aeration and overseeding?

Core aeration pulls 2-4 inch plugs out of the soil leaving them laying through out the yard. These will break down over time with rain and mowing. Seeding will be done immediately after the aeration. Water is essential for the next 10-14 days after the aeration and seeding is completed for best results.

What should I expect after liming?

There are no immediate effects after liming. It takes on average 6-8 months for lime to get worked into the soil to change the soils pH.

How long after estimate request will you be out to evaluate my lawn?

An estimator will be out ASAP usually within 5 business days

Do I need to be there when an estimator comes out to evaluate my lawn?

No, you do not need to be there when the estimator comes out, he will leave the estimate sheet in your front door

Can you control Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, Dallisgrass?

We do not offer control of these grasses due to the cost and the effectiveness of the chemical.

Why do I have weeds along edges of my lawn?

Chemical breaks down more rapidly along rocks, driveways, sidewalks, etc. due to increased temperatures along those surfaces. Weed-eaters cut the edges too short which breaks down the pre-emergent barrier.

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